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I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my gifts. That looks brilliant – Good to go. Thank you - Martin
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Why is it important to reward students?

Rewarding students is an important part of their education as it helps to encourage and motivate them to reach their full potential. It provides a tangible reminder of the accomplishments they have achieved and can give students a sense of pride in their work. Rewards create a positive learning environment, as students will want to strive for recognition and may be more likely to engage with their studies. Rewards can also help to foster an appreciation of the effort and hard work that goes into achieving academic success. By recognizing and rewarding students for their hard work and dedication, we can help to ensure that they remain motivated and enthusiastic about their studies.

What should students be rewarded for?

Students should be rewarded for demonstrating positive behaviours such as perseverance, having a growth mindset, being kind to others, and taking initiative. Additionally, students should be rewarded for making academic progress and for showing improvements in their understanding of material. Finally, rewards should be given for any extra effort and special projects students put into their studies.

How can you reward students?

You can reward students in a variety of ways that are meaningful and appropriate for the situation. This could be something simple, like verbal praise, a small gift or access to an incentive (such as Lunchtime Leave). All of these smaller things are great, but if you want to have a real impact on your students, we recommend a crystal award plaque that they can display in their homes or bedrooms with pride.

Our engraved crystal awards can be given at end of terms or academic years, to celebrate those special students who have gone above and beyond in their efforts. An academic awards ceremony is a positive celebration of talent, where recipients can feel recognised and valued, whilst other attendees are shown an example to aspire to. It’s also a fantastic event for teachers too, allowing them to take great pride in the growth of their students.

Educational awards online

Where can you buy education awards?

Majestic Crystal – We’ve got so many stunning award plaques which are perfect for educational award ceremonies! Our team of specialist engravers have been producing personalised education awards for decades, which is why we’re trusted by a long list of organisations to supply their awards each year.

Our crystal education awards include free-standing plaques, mounted wall plaques, crystal bowls, award columns and pillar of wisdom awards. Engrave our awards with names, dates and your organisations logo, for a special token of appreciation that can be treasured forever. We fulfil custom award orders and bulk orders – Either click here to shop our educational awards range or get in touch with us directly!