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I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my gifts. That looks brilliant – Good to go. Thank you - Martin
We just wanted to say thank you for the stunning Barley Bowl that arrived this morning - Alex & Tim
Perfect artwork proof as always thank you, please proceed with the order for the club - Yvonne

Your loved ones passing out parade is a day that they’ll never forget. All those weeks of hard, gruelling, and stressful training have all built up to this moment. This one chance to prove themselves to friends and family that they’ve earned their place in the world's most prestigious air force. But more importantly, they’ll be proving to themselves that all their hard work and effort was worth something, and that now they can begin a new chapter of their life as a member of the Royal Air Force. 

What better way to make this day a memorable one than by getting them one of our beautiful RAF passing out gifts? We have a wide range of gorgeous crystal products to help you immortalise their special day by commemorating it with a keepsake to treasure forever. 

Engraved Beer Tankards

Our engraved beer tankards are a perfect gift for RAF graduation. It’s perfect for raising a toast on your loved one's special day and is sure to put a smile on their face. You have the option to engrave your own personal message onto any of the beer tankards. This could be the branch insignia they're going into, or it could be a beautiful handwritten message to show your love and appreciation for all their hard work. Either way, you can be sure they’ll be ecstatic toasting their new tankard in celebration of their achievements.

engraved tankard

Personalised Typhoon Plaques

We have a wide range of personalised aircraft plaques that make fantastic passing out parade gifts. Each of our plaques has a unique and iconic aircraft engraved onto it. Choose from various well-known planes, such as the thunderous Vulcan Bomber, or troop transporting Chinook. The stylistic engravings of the planes make these perfect for aircraft lovers and are great for the new pilot in your life when they finally reach their passing out parade. You can find our whole range of personalised RAF plaques by clicking here

aircraft crystal

Engraved Initial Wine Glass

Fitting a whole wine bottle into one glass might sound excessive, but after months of restricted drinking and incredibly long days, they might just need it! We’re sure that your loved one will likely leap at the chance to let loose and have some fun, and they deserve it. This engraved crystal Lydia wine glass makes for the perfect RAF passing out gift and will look even better with your custom engraving etched upon it. We can engrave the insignia of your loved ones chosen branch, or a thoughtful handwritten note. Either way, you can be sure lots of fun will be had with this whole-bottle wine glass! 

crystal wine glass

Whiskey Glass Gift Personalised With Handwriting

Is there someone special in heaven who couldn’t be there in person to watch the graduation?  

For a guaranteed tearjerker and gift to be treasured forever, our crystal whiskey glasses can be engraved with a deceased loved one’s handwriting, as long as you’ve got a copy of it. All we need is a high-quality image or copy of the writing, and we’ll be able to create a custom handwriting gift. This is one of the most beautiful RAF graduation gifts in our selection, because the thoughtfulness behind it is simply unmatched by any other option.  

These passing out parade gifts can also be produced from your children’s handwriting, your own handwriting or somebody else who is important to the recipient. And, we don’t just offer our personalised handwriting gifts as whiskey glasses- Your writing can be engraved on any of our selection of crystal. Just get in touch and we’ll make a start on creating your beautifully bespoke graduation gift! 


Crystal Etched Champagne Flute

A crystal engraved flute is the utmost in elegance and sophistication- Perfect for the new military member! Help them to celebrate their RAF graduation with a slick and sophisticated passing out parade gift. It’s perfect for toasting a lovely bottle of well-earned bubbly and will look even better with your custom engraving on it. You could choose to get an engraving of their favorite plane, or of the branch they're going into! You could even get a lovely handwritten note engraved on it for extra personalisation and make it a special and memorable gift that will last a lifetime. Whatever you choose, you can be assured of the high-quality crystal and a lovely personal touch. 

engraved flute

When your loved one is passing out on one of the proudest days of their lives, what makes it special is your presence with them, and all their hard work and dedication on display. However, it’s always appreciated when you give a gift to show your appreciation for all their hard work, so we hope you consider one of our RAF passing out gifts for the new servicemember in your life and help them to treasure the memories of their achievement. 

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