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I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my gifts. That looks brilliant – Good to go. Thank you - Martin
We just wanted to say thank you for the stunning Barley Bowl that arrived this morning - Alex & Tim
Perfect artwork proof as always thank you, please proceed with the order for the club - Yvonne

Engraved crystal is essential for Captain’s Day! Even if you are giving Tellies 'n' Toasters, (or even golf vouchers – really?!) small pieces such as paperweights and pillars of wisdom make excellent 'keepers' for when the electricity fails.  If you’re planning your golf club Captain’s Day, why not give us a call or drop us an email to chat through your format, options, complimentary crystal, personalized artwork and so forth.  

Here are a few points to maybe keep in mind, based on our more than 30 years of experience. (You don’t have to believe any of this of course but don’t say we didn’t warn you!) 

The Main Prize

The main prize should be engraved Captain's Prize and the year. Everything else is engraved with Captain's Day and year. Nearest the Pin/Straightest Drive, in our humble opinion, is the only additional wording to be allowed. Division 1/2/3 Winner is OK, but don't go breaking their heart by putting Runner Up / Third / Fourth / Fifth / Ladies Nearest the Pin Second Shot. (How can they ever go home and say "Look Darling, I won this!" - For coming 3rd in Division 2. 

Consider whether the competition is a singles men-only affair or a pairs/team family-friendly event! Some Captains relax the dress code, hire a magician and clowns for the children - and the clubhouse is packed – resulting in a memorable day, and the bar takes thousands. Talk to former Captains, especially from other clubs to see what they would do again - and not ditto! 

golf award

Biggest Doesn't Mean Best

Have a really impressive Captain's Prize by all means - but bear in mind that it has to be taken home to a house, so the biggest piece may not be the best. Crystal prizes are like pets, they are for more than Christmas/the prize table. A prize table lasts eight hours, whereas with care your crystal awards will last for many years, and reflect well on the thought that you have given to your big day. 

Gentlemen – it is a good idea to enlist the help of the Ladies, they will probably make your prize table look so much nicer. Have a few spare gift/prizes for the unforseen event that may happen - hole in one/thanks to the Caterers/Club Manager/your Significant Other. (Even for yourself, crystal is a little like wedding photos – often the only tangible reminder of your great day.) 

golf awards

What We Can Offer

Last but not least the handicap of a good Golf Club Captain will quite often rise by around two! (People crossing fairways to say sorry to trouble you, but...........)  We have engraved crystal for hundreds of Captains, so we’re the most experienced people to come to when you’re looking for golf club captains’ crystal prizes. If you choose to order your prizes from Majestic Crystal and spend over £200.00, we will give you an additional commemorative piece, engraved with your details, and quite possibly, complimentary crystal for your Charity Day, especially if it starts with H. (Hospice/Heart/H 4 Heroes/Homeless)   

If you are a member of the wonderful England Golf Captain’s scheme, then not only will you make even more new friends, you will receive an additional complimentary piece from Majestic Crystal!