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I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my gifts. That looks brilliant – Good to go. Thank you - Martin
We just wanted to say thank you for the stunning Barley Bowl that arrived this morning - Alex & Tim
Perfect artwork proof as always thank you, please proceed with the order for the club - Yvonne

If someone you know has graduation coming up and you want to help them celebrate in style, then we have some great graduation gift ideas for you. Your loved one could have graduated from university and you want to get them a personalised crystal gift to help them remember that special day, or they might have completed their military passing out parade, and you want to help them remember all the hard work that they’ve put in. Majestic Crystal offers a wide range of personalised gifts for graduation, which are the perfect way to commemorate the big occasion. In this article, we’ll be covering a few of our favourite graduation gift ideas to give you some inspiration! 

Personalised Champagne Flute  

We’ll start with one of our favourites. This beautiful personalised champagne flute makes a perfect and meaningful gift for your loved one on their graduation day. Create a keepsake that can be used to toast their success and a bright future ahead! This crystal graduation gift is a popular choice due to its practical use, rather than being left on a shelf to collect dust. Engrave this majestic champagne glass with a warm message from the heart, for a truly meaningful gift.


Engraved Champagne Bucket 

Champagne is a luxurious treat, perfect for celebrating big life achievements. And, it tastes better when it’s served from your very own personalised champagne bucket! Our engraved champagne buckets make a great gift for graduation and can be paired with an expensive bottle or one of our personalised flutes. Immortalise your loved one’s special day into a timeless item that can be used again and again. Your custom personalisation will remind them of all of the effort they made to get them to where they are today. 

Personalised Gin Bloom Glass 

If there is something that everyone can agree on, it’s that a refreshing glass of gin and tonic is fantastic for easing any pre-graduation nerves. When your loved one is dressed and ready to graduate, surprise them with a glass of their favourite G&T served in a personalised bloom. Our gin bloom glasses are fully customisable so you can add a beautiful and meaningful message to be looked upon fondly for a lifetime! Shop our precious graduation gifts online today. 

Engraved Decanter Sets 

If you want your loved one to feel slick, feel suave, then an engraved decanter set is the way to go. Our fully customisable decanter sets make a stunning gift for graduation! This personalised decanter set can be taken with them through every step of their journey to come, whether that be their first home or forever family home. With this special graduation gift, you’ll be sure to leave a smile on your loved one’s face. 

Edward Cut Whisky Tumbler 

A whisky glass is an essential for your drink’s cabinet, and a great choice for a graduation gift. Our crystal whisky tumbler is a classy choice and with personalised engraving, it’s even better. Your loved one can take this engraved whisky tumbler through their life and it will remain a heartfelt keepsake forever. We can even add your own bespoke design to the graduation gift! Or, why not engrave with a copy of your own handwriting, for something extra meaningful? 

Hopefully now you’re not short of inspiration when it comes to getting your loved one a graduation gift. If you’d like to see more great gift ideas, then check out our full range of personalised graduation gifts online!